Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A lifetime is made up of moments. Too many of them slip away insignificantly, to be lost in the past and buried beneath our memories. Moments of tragedy and pain are preserved in our minds, hearts, and souls; mercifully gentled by the passing of time. Eternal moments. And oh, how we cherish the rare, precious moments that are the joys and substance of our lives--so magnificent, so sublime, so achingly beautiful. These are the moments that we embrace: the moments in time when we know we truly got it right--when we know for sure that God was there and He was happy with us. We all hope for moments like this, some of us pray for moments like this. And we all have them. I have them.

There is only one thing better than knowing that God is pleased with you. It's knowing that God is pleased with your child. Those are the moments when you realize that somehow you've given your child something far greater than your very self.

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