Sunday, March 7, 2010


This weekend is the Ocean City Hotel Motel Restaurant Association Trade Show. I had to go today because they had a seminar about writing an employee handbook. It may sound kind of boring to a normal person, but I love this kind of thing.
Afterwards I strolled through a couple of the exhibits and talked to some interesting vendors about fascinating subjects--styles and fabrics for housekeeping uniforms, steam cleaning machines, potato chip vending displays, different kinds of frozen raviolis, pest control, commercial flooring, ways to keep pigeons off of air conditioners....all kinds of interesting things.
I also sampled some yummy food--crab bisque, sausage ravioli, fresh donuts, waffles, more different kinds of potato chips and beef jerky than I knew existed, key lime pie, frozen cheesecake. Restaurant vendors were well represented--especially on the dessert menu! It looks like this is the "Year of the Gelatto". It is heavenly good! (Except for the mango flavor.)
I picked up a few freebies--sea salt potato chips, 2 flyswatters, a calendar (Mom needs one), a pencil sharpener that looks like a lightbulb (Audrey took it), a couple of reusable grocery bags, a prescription bottle full of jelly beans (mine!), a little bottle of hand sanitizer to put on a keychain (Audrey claimed that one too), and two pre-packaged salads. Why do we take these things? I don't need "stuff"... but it was there and it was free, so I accepted it. I was kind of picky though and I only took what we'd use. I'm trying to be a little bit more "green" and reduce my carbon footprint.
I get to go back tomorrow for a few more seminars--Using Twitter To Promote Your Business, Solar And Wind Energy In The Hospitality Industry, and (the one that has me really excited) All About Bedbugs!


Jim said...

Looks like this is the week of trade shows. I'm going to a Funeral industry trade show - should be even more exciting (boring)!

Mel said...

Does that mean that summer is here yet?