Monday, April 19, 2010


  •  A watch will sink to the bottom of the toilet.
    • Ideally, alll bathroom doors should be shut at all times.  If this isn't possible because there is a 3-year-old in the house, all toilets should be very clean and flushed at all times.
    • Cheap watches are definitely not waterproof.
    • It's best to have a cheap watch when you put it where a toddler can reach it.
    • It's a lucky thing that a toddler generally can't flush quickly.

  • Toddlers aren't always on the move, or noisy.
    • When a toddler isn't busy or noisy, you'd better stop what you're doing and see why.
    • If you have to go to the bathroom when a toddler is in the house, you'd better be fast.
    • A toddler can hide in small places.
    • A toddler is very quiet when she's hiding.
    • There are many toddler-size hiding places in a house.
    • Don't panic!  After all, if all the doors (including the bathrooms) are all the way far could she have gone?
    • A 3-year-old is not much help when you're looking for a toddler.
    • The 3-year-old may have helped the toddler hide.  This becomes evident when the toddler is found in a dark closet with the door all the way closed.
    • When you're looking for a toddler, check the very back recesses of the closet too.  

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Mural Artistry by Karen said...

Too funny! Looks like you are all having the time of your lives!